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ESCENA19 – Ibero-amerikanske filmdager

5. desember - 7. desember

“ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager” is a platform for cultural exchange between Norway and the Ibero-American region based upon the growing interest in the Ibero-American world occurring in Norway. 

The aim of the festival is to promote the interest in film from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Europe and the Americas. The films will convey social, political, and historical aspects of this cultural context as well as the challenges currently facing the societies of the region.

Even though these nations share a common cultural mainstream, they form a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds that translate into their cinematic expression. We believe that films can often show the richness and diversity in Ibero-America more vividly and dramatically than other media.

ESCENA will also provide a gathering place and discussion forum for film enthusiasts, for those with roots in the region and others who have an interest in Ibero-America. 


5. desember
7. desember
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Tilde filmklubb


VEGA Scene
Hausmanns gate 28 Oslo 0182 + Google Map

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